Don’t Have AC? 10 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

When the weather warms up, it feels instinctual to turn on the air conditioning. But AC can quickly burn a hole in your wallet if you’re not careful. Unless you live somewhere that’s sweltering year-round, it’s unlikely that you need to keep your AC on all the time. So, here are 10 tips for how to cool without AC. Most of them are easier than you’d expect, and they’re sure to save you some money.

1. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the best and easiest alternatives to AC. If you don’t have any ceiling fans, it might be a good idea to install them in some of the main areas, such as the living room and kitchen.

When using ceiling fans, maintenance and care is important though. Be sure to set them counter-clockwise at a high setting so the air will push down quickly. Also, don’t forget to dust your fans regularly so they don’t spread extra debris around the air. Too much dirt on ceiling fans can also heat up the motor and cause the fan to be less efficient.

2. Keep Blinds Closed

Window BlindsOf course, sunlight in the summer is awesome. But it could also be contributing to up to 30% of extra heat. So, using curtains, shades, or blinds often will keep more cool air inside. This simple trick could even save you about 7% on bills. Otherwise, your home could turn into its own greenhouse, especially when the sun is out.

3. Insulate Your Walls

Insulation is another crucial aspect for keeping a home cool without AC, but it takes more work than turning on a fan or closing the blinds. While your home might be insulated in the main areas, the attic might not be. And believe it or not, that hidden away area could be one of the things heating up your home.

If you insulate your attic walls from top to bottom, it will lower the amount of heat that enters your home. Also, if heat gets in your attic, the insulation will prevent it from escaping the attic and entering the main areas of your home. This will also help keep your home warm in the winter.

4. Use Large Appliances Carefully

Using large appliances, especially the oven and stove, can make your house hotter. Thus, it’s best to use these items when it’s dark out and less sweltering inside. Some easy alternatives to cooking with the oven are grilling outside or using a crockpot. That way, less heat will become trapped in your home.

Any electronics plugged in can also add heat to your home without you realizing it. If you have anything plugged in that doesn’t need to be, such as a toaster or charger, unplug it until it’s necessary.

5. Close the Doors to Some Rooms

It’s unlikely that you need cool air in every single room of your home. So, by closing the doors to unused rooms, you won’t be wasting as much air. If you have a guest bedroom or office space that’s rarely used, it can’t hurt to close the door if you’re trying to cool without AC.

6. Use Fans and Ice

Are regular fans not doing the trick? Luckily, you can hack a plug-in fan to make it even colder. Fill a mixing bowl with ice or ice packs. Then, set it in front of your fan. When you turn the fan back on, you’ll be surprised with a much chillier breeze than before.

7. Get a Dehumidifier

DehumidifierFor many people, moist heat is the most unbearable of all. Depending on where you live and how insulated your house is, you might be faced with extreme humidity. And if that’s the case, all the people and even pets in your household have probably noticed it.

A dehumidifier is an easy way to suck that steamy moisture from the air. The most efficient way to use a dehumidifier is to set it to turn off when it’s full or when it has reached the set humidity level. Most households shoot for humidity under 60%. When it comes time to empty the water, consider watering your plants with it instead of wasting it.

8. Add Outdoor Shade

A big part of keeping your home cool is by naturally blocking the sun. If your house is surrounded by outdoor shade, your home is less likely to heat up inside. Awnings above windows, vines along walls, or trees around the house are all ways to provide shade outside. More shade means your home will absorb less heat.

9. Circulate Air

If you have a central ductwork system and a furnace, you can circulate air in your home instead of using AC. To do this, take the door off your furnace and circulate cold air from your basement throughout your home.

10. Keep Your Body Cool

Trying to cool without AC isn’t easy, but it comes down to more than just home improvements. You’ll also need to find ways to keep your body cool too. Drinking icy beverages, using a chill pillow, taking cooler showers, and using breathable sheets are all ways to keep you feeling cold even when it’s warm in your home. It might seem silly, but you can survive without AC as long as you know how to cool yourself down. After all, AC hasn’t been around forever.

Whether you decide to use your AC or not, it’s important to keep yourself cool as the weather heats up. If you’re worried about your cooling system causing endless problems, then it might be time for an upgrade. Luckily, Foster Air Heating & Cooling is happy to help with all your HVAC needs. Contact us today to find out the most efficient ways to cool your home.